[Video] Mike Caesar - Might As Well @Mike_Caesar

Mike Caesar's new visual for "Might As Well" is the latest from his critically received new project, Kingdom. "Might As Well" produced by Dallas native Dirtbeats, is a soulful justification of Caesar's bravado, where the lyrics paint a clear picture to the listener that you will deal with struggles, betrayal and haters in life, so you might as well live it to the fullest. The crooning blues guitar sets the tone for Caesar to discuss the loss of his brother and dad, over-incarceration and unarmed death of black men, and his new found success being shunned by friends and loved ones. The stand out quote from this song frequenting social media is "Hate it or love it, still the topic." meaning whether you love or hate something your discussing it. Lots of people are discussing Mike Caesar; peep his latest video and check out the full Kingdom ep to see why.

Stream full "Kingdom" ep here:

Mike Caesar Twitter: @Mike_Caesar
Mike Caesar Instagram: @therealmikecaesar

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