New Music: Denmark Vessey f/ Vic Spencer & DrxQuinnx “Sellout” (Produced by Earl Sweatshirt)

Denmark Vessey - Sun Go Nova

‘Sun Go Nova’ EP Will Be Released On 4-20-18, Entirely Produced by Knwxledge & Earl Sweatshirt


Denmark Vessey is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming Sun Go Nova EP, which will be released on 4-20-18 via Mello Music Group. Sun Go Nova is comprised of five tracks of eccentric raps strictly produced by Knxwledge and Earl Sweatshirt. Today, the cult rap hero premiered the lo-fi "Sellout," with Hotnewhiphop. “Sellout” features Chicagoans Vic Spencer and DrxQuinnx.

There’s an innate gravity to the words themselves on “Sellout,” especially in tandem with the psychedelic thump of Earl’s production: “Got no bond money to bail out/ shit ni**a rap don’t work I’m whipping this fishscale out/Probably not though/I watched The Wire it looked fire/but I checked online the streets not hiring bro.”

“Sellout’” is the Vernon Maxwell on the Sun Go Nova album” Denmark commented to Hotnewhiphop. “Without it, we don’t win a championship, the same way the 94’ Houston Rockets don’t get a ring without Vernon Maxwell.”

About ‘Sun Go Nova’:
Like most truly original artists, Denmark Vessey defies easy understanding. He’s a Detroit rapper and cult rap hero currently living in New York City, named after a brilliant 19th century slave-turned-carpenter who was convicted and executed for planning what would’ve been the largest slave revolt in North American history. He’s funnier than most political rappers, more political than punch line spitters, and too imaginative for regressive underground stereotypes.
It’s all readily apparent on his latest project, Sun Go Nova, a breezy exercise of warped soul and eccentric raps produced entirely by Earl Sweatshirt and Knxwledge. The record cohered on a whim not long after Earl proclaimed that you needed to buy Denmark’s Martin Lucid Dream if you needed food.
A subsequent trip to LA found Denmark linking with the pair and returning home with a pack of beats to rap over. There was no idea to formally collaborate but a loose concept began to percolate in the ensuing months. Record sessions commenced in Chicago, where Denmark simultaneously laid down alongside tracks for his Buy Muy Drugs collaboration and Sun Go Nova. Sessions were conducted in grueling 48-hour marathon increments, where sleep was a secondary concern.
In a few breaths, Denmark has the capacity to come off as street-wise and sarcastic, pop culture fluent but stand-up comic self-deprecating. These are the same qualities that led Rolling Stone to call Martin Lucid Dream one of 2015’s best rap albums, while hailing his “sharp sense of humor” and introspection. Pitchfork glowed about how Buy Muy Drugs revealed that in “his own unique way, [Denmark] is pushing us to look beyond the veil and to not take things at face value.”
This complex mentality is applied in rapid-fire rap form on Sun Go Nova. Denmark references everything from a Hollywood reboot of Roots where they cast Tobey Maguire as the lead to the feeling of waking up in an old K-Mart. He’s praying to the Based God and recalling the fan who said he was heavier there a freight car. Allusions to Biggie and buying shoes on Venmo, esoteric strains of weed and ayahuasca all propitiously clash.
As the album fades out, Denmark’s demanding coffee with Ethiopian beans, but the listener is still wide awake, wanting more. It’ll arrive soon enough.

Checkout the Hotnewhiphop Premiere: here

Pre-Order Denmark Vessey’s Sun Go Nova (fanlink): here

Sun Go Nova is due 4-20-18 via Mello Music Group and is accompanied by a bonus SGN Beat Tape which is produced by Denmark Vessey.

Sun Go Nova
01. “Zzzzzz” feat. ADAD (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)
02. “Trustfall” (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)
03. “Stolat” (prod. Knxwledge)
04. “Sun Go Nova” (prod. Knowledge)
05. “Sell Out” feat. DrxQuinnx & Vic Spencer (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)

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