Tory Lanez on Beef with Drake and Making Movie with 50 Cent (Video)

Tory Lanez at Music Choice, Photo Credit: Juan Navarro
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Tory Lanez stopped by Music Choice and opened up about squashing his beef with Drake and on making a movie with 50 Cent.

Tory Lanez on Squashing His Beef With Drake
"My dog Trav was just talking to Chubs and just had the call happen. Spoke to him on Facetime. Not to disrespect anybody but I would say we are two of the most talented artists in the game. I say it is a big moment in hip hop and in music because we don’t know what is to come but that fact that something can come out of it is big. It would be one thing for us to be just be like cool everything is cool but I’m never making music with you but I do believe that we are going to do something this year for sure."

Tory Lanez Talks Making a Movie with 50 Cent
“I think 50 Cent was probably the most memorable feature on this because I could I really I still can’t believe to this day I can’t believe .He is also part of the movie um that is for the album that we made called “I Told You Memories Don’t Die”. It takes place from the story of the first album and then kind of like insinuates some of the music from this album but it’s like the story of it is crazy like it is about my life and but also a couple twist and turns its crazy though it’s a dope movie. It will be here probably in the spring I am going to say.”

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