[Single] Ari Monei ft. AP Greg - Confessions Of A Soldier (Prod by Izes) @arimonei @APGREG4REAL


Get ready for Ari Monei! This bi-lingual firecracker is stepping onto the music scene with a bang and putting her footprint on R&B/Pop territory! This 20 year old Taurus, was born in 1997 in Medellin, Colombia, and traveled to the states 5 years later in 2001, never looking back, calling Miami, Fl her home. As a younger girl, Ari Monei always had a niche for writing and dreamed of being an actress. She starred in several theatrical plays throughout elementary, middle, and high school & at the age of 16, she began starring in national commercials. Although Ari’s career was off to a successful start, she still felt she had to do more, and began using her niche to write poetry and music to fill the void. Inevitably, she loved what she composed and began transforming her writings into music, creating her very own artistic alter ego, Ari Monei. In late 2017, with the support of her dad, Ari Monei recorded her first single, ‘Lyin Ass Nigga’, which is currently in rotation as of date on several stations throughout Miami, NY and Texas, and she definitely has many more on the way! Ari Monei is, without thought, the next bilingual pop artist coming out of Miami, Fl and the city is definitely excited to see what she comes up with next!

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