Rod Clemmons - "What’s Up? It’s Me" (@clemmons_rod)

Rod Clemmons is a talented producer who has been helping artists realize their full potential with his label Verdict Records. Now, it’s Rod’s turn to shine and let the world hear his unique musical stylings with his debut album release "What’s Up? It’s Me".

The contemporary R&B and neo-soul album displays how both Rod’s innate talent and the sophistication of the skills he’s developed in his producing career have combined to form his brand of musical harmony that is his trademark sound. "What’s Up? It’s Me" was produced, arranged, mixed and engineered by Rod Clemmons at Verdict Studios in New York City. He also played drums, bass, and keyboards. The album features the work of celebrated guitarist Willie Brown Jr., as well as background vocalists Dan Kenneth, Cynthia Bell and Carmina Dai.

Clemmons, who has been blind since birth, has a special connection with music that he strives to share with his listeners. His ideology is, "Music That Speaks," and he aims to speak to each and every listener of his music. "I want to take you somewhere with my music, somewhere different each time you listen. I want to appeal to your heart, mind, and soul. I want my music to make you cry, laugh, clap hands, dance, and nod your head," says Rod. Clemmons has a full schedule of concerts scheduled for the year. The kick-off performance is March 22nd at Headliner’s Music Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. Future concert dates will be announced on his Facebook page.

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