Interview with singer CAMERON HAILEY

CW Music:  What's up Cameron?
Cameron Hailey:  What's good. I'm doing GREAT, thanks for having me.

CW Music:  How long have you been singing?
Cameron Hailey:  I've been singing since I was 3 year's old. Also I've been writing songs since I was 5 year's old; the first song I ever wrote was for some girl I had crush on in my class, and I performed the song during my elementary school talent show; with no music or anything.....just me singing. So I've been singing most of my life.

CW Music:  What inspired you to want to sing?
Cameron Hailey:  My mom used to tape old episodes of "SOUL TRAIN" back when I was really young and I would always watch those tapes. I remember seeing singer Joe performing his song "I WANNA KNOW"; and I was think to myself dang when I get big I wanna do that. That happened in 2003, so I would say JOE inspired me, watching "Soul Train" inspired me, and My mother inspired me (R.I.P).

CW Music:  Who are some of your favorite singers?
Cameron Hailey:  My favorite singer's are Keith Sweat, Joe, Xscape, Gerald Levert, Tweet, and Lil' Mo.

CW Music:  How would you describe your voice and style as an artist?
Cameron Hailey:  I would say my voice has lot a depth to it. I'm a baritone, but I can still hit high notes. I grew up signing the church and I sing with a lot of emotion. I have a gospel type voice with a hip hop edge to it.

CW Music:  Where can the readers check out your music?
Cameron Hailey:  Right now they can check out my soundcloud page. (ALSO MY NEW SINGLE "1 Call" feat oshea is out right now so make sure you check it out). The single will be out on all digital platforms next month.

CW Music:  What makes Cameron Hailey different from all of the singers out these days?  
Cameron Hailey:  What makes me different from other singers is I'm REAL R&B.....NOT TRAP, TRAPSOUL, OR URBAN POP; I'M R&B. I'M NOT BRYSON TILLER, I'M NOT CHRIS BROWN, NOR I'M A TRAVIS SCOTT. I'M CAMERON, I'M A REAL R&B. I stay in my lane musically, I'm not trying to be anybody out. I feel like that lane is wide open for anybody to take.....I think that person is gonna be me. So MY SOUND IS REAL R&b PERIOD.

CW Music:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Cameron Hailey:  MY album "LOVECHILD" COMES OUT 2018 This spring. My NEW single "1 Call" out right now make sure you check that out. Shouts out to OSHEA, SHYS DEBIOCCI, MARQELL, BABY BREEZE, T.RULAH, SHA. SEVERE, & MY HOME BOY LORENZO TUCKER WHO'S COMIN OUT SOON AS WELL

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