Nigeria's Teck-Zilla Delivers 'B-Boy Zilla,' a Seven Track B-Boy Breaks EP (Free Download)

B-BoyZilla 800
Inspired by being selected as the official deejay for this year’s Red Bull-sponsored “Battle of the Year” competition in Nigeria for breakdancers, producer Teck-Zilla delivers his neck-snapping and straight-up addictive new EP, B-Boy Zilla, inspired by famed Florida turntablist, DJ Chief.

The seven-track project is absolutely brimming with breaks for the b-boys and b-girls, some of whom have already shown off their talents to tracks on here as part of the competition. The Nigerian-born deejay/producer was tasked with coming up with sounds that blended Afro and EDM elements and, suffice to say, he absolutely nailed it.

You can hear this in the high-energy sounds of “Mtoto B-Boy,” which flips Victoria Kimani’s “Mtoto,” and “Skelewu B-Boys,” which injects even more flavor into Davido’s original “Skelewu.” Teck also shows off his talents by taking on two classic joints from different eras (“Nothing But JB B-Boys” and “Sound of the Beast”) that are pure hip-hop Easter eggs.

“I already had a vast collection of break beats so it was pretty much a case of searching through my archives and also doing some research on b-boy music,” Teck says, adding that he completed most of B-Boy Zilla the night before taking the decks at the Red Bull event.

B-boy or not, it’s impossible to not feel the good vibes emanating from these seven tracks.

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