Queen of Compton Mrs. Black Dyamond #NoFilterz mixtape

"Cocky" & "She don't like me" Download
Before releasing her much anticipated solo debut mixtape, Mrs. Black Dyamond’s place in Battle Rap history was already cemented. In addition to her appearance in notable female rap battles, she was given the opportunity to battle rapper Dizaster at Drake's Birthday Bash. Once she concurred that arena she took aim at The URL’s rap bully “Shotgun Suge”, it was then she adopted the acronym M.B.D short for Mrs. Black Dyamond. But it’s this project, #NoFilterz ., which provides a fully formed look at the proud Compton, California native.

If your first thought is to ask why this mixtape took so long to come together, she delayed the release after the passing of her father, but she never stopped working on the project.

The first single off the mixtape is “Cocky”, which since its release has the hip hop world buzzing about this hardcore female rapper. The video for Cocky is scheduled to be shot on November 18th in Los Angeles and the always engaging star has invited media and fans to come out and turn up with her. M.B.D’s other single off the mixtape "She don't like me", is also gaining traction among the digital DJ pools, with positive feedback and downloads daily.
Although the 14 song mixtape doesn’t have any major features Mrs. Black Dyamond is holding her own. The project is available now on all major streaming services and digital platforms, and can be purchased on iTunes.

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