New Video: BikerBoi Scooter – Run It Up | @BikerBoiScooter

New Video: BikerBoi Scooter – Run It Up

BikerBoi Scooter Brooklyn bred is an emerging FL. resident setting the hip hop culture on fire. Not a man of many words at first sight but when he opens his mouth he unleashes a lyrical storm that takes you by surprise. His quiet demeanor is not one to sleep on,  calculating in the verses he spits but has a contentious spirit that speaks more than words will. BikerBoi Scooter started rapping at the young age of 11 as a means of expressing himself. The older he got it became a hobby that he never took serious. His brother recognizing the hidden gem, pushed him to start believing in himself and his ability to slaughter any mic he touched! BikerBoi Scooter approaches his love of music like a newly found relationship. Building on a foundation to ensure a secured footing in the wrath of today’s industry. His love for music itself regardless of the genre precedes his ability to be versatile in whatever track he lays. Being true to himself and the vision is important and shows on his first track “Run It Up” off his awaited EP off the 1Life2Live Label. BikerBoi Scooter is quietly assessing his competition, patiently awaiting his turn. His hunger feeding him with the knowledge and tenacity to not be just another one hit one wonder… Stay Tuned!

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