New Music: Kidd Maxx – Somewhere in Tokyo | @KiddMaxx

New Music: Kidd Maxx – Somewhere in Tokyo

New Music: Kidd Maxx – Somewhere in Tokyo

Rapper Kidd Maxx is releasing his new mixtape entitled Somewhere in Tokyo. This new mixtape is heavily inspired by many of the things he has seen as he has been all around the world. His new single Lit Life is available for download now and will be a key part of his mixtape as he continues to promote his exciting music work.

Kidd Maxx is originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He has been singing since he was around two years of age. He recalls that the note to Dru Hill’s Tell Me What You Want was the first note that he ever performed.

He was heavily inspired by many great performers over the years but he cites Michael Jackson as his greatest influence. He grew up watching many of Jackson’s old videos and stories about his life and always wanted to be just like him.

He sang quartet gospel music while growing up and eventually joined the United States Navy. Over the years, he has been stationed in many places around the world with Japan being the most prominent spot that he has lived in. He has also made music in Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong among many other places and has taken inspiration from these unique places in his music. He especially wants people to feel inspired by his work as he aims to continue to perform great music.
Kidd Maxx feels that anyone can be a success story and enjoy doing what they want when they put their minds to it. He especially wants to be a great performer who will entertain people all around the world. His Somewhere in Tokyo mixtape is just the start of what he wants to do as a great entertainer.
Kidd Maxx will release Lit Life in the spring of 2018, his first single from the new mixtape. He will be planning a full tour promoting his work in the near future.

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