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Kentucky based, Louisville born Rapper Antonio Short, AKA “Soon Tonio” made a name for himself when he published the remixes “Computers” and “Hot Nigga” on YouTube the summer of 2015 and took the city by storm. “SOON” stands for “Something Out Of Nothing.” This multifaceted hiphop/rap artist managed to develop quite a following in his hometown as well as other cosmopolitan cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and New York by word of mouth alone which stemmed from 10 records he placed on SoundCloud after only 4 trips to the studio which resulted to over 1 million views. At that point Soontonio understood that masses enjoyed his sound and decided to take rapping more seriously by manifesting him self in the studio to make bigger and more impactful records. He wanted to ensure his fan base got the best of him.

The 19 year- old up and coming rapper Soon Tonio, has been working diligently to put the finishing touches on his “Portfolio tape,” “Road to Loaded Land” to be released early November.

“My work is a portfolio rather than a mixtape because it is a repertoire of eclectic melodies and sounds.”
Says Soon Tonio who writes and produces all of his music.

Both Soontonio and his loyal fans have noticed major growth since he started rapping in 2013 in comparison to his first official single “Servin” (single from his Loaded Land project). His next upcoming projects “Road to Loaded Land” and “Loaded Land” will be released under “The Real Turbo” (TRT) recording label in 2016 which he co founded. The music features a mixture of melodic tunes and aggressive lyrical flows. Mixing old hiphop with the new trending hiphop sound he brings a breath of fresh air to his generation. “It’s a must that I bring lyrically inclined rap verses back to hiphop that yield the gap between the ears of both the younger and older generation.” It is easy to get lost in the words of his music as he effectively narrates the story that he raps. Soontonio’s music can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube which features other hits like “Slavemaster” and “I Wanna Survive.”

With over a million views on SoundCloud and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, Soon Tonio is deemed the best underground rapper amongst his fans.. The Artists has attracted fans in over 14 countries worldwide. He has gained the support of many people that would be considered pillars in hiphop. Soontonio’s music represents a plethora of events and memories that pay homage to his street life upbringing. He vividly discusses the striking experiences he has encountered throughout his life thus far. “Music is my outlet.” says Soon Tonio, who vows to himself to make music his profession and never return to the streets.


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