Interview with LORD PAYBACK

Check out our CW Music artist spotlight on Lord Payback!  Check out what he has to say in this interview.  

CW Music:  Who exactly is Lord Payback?  What makes you who you are?
Lord Payback:  I am a god loving genuine loyal human being. I am unique in every aspect of the word. I live life freely. I do and same whatever I want.

What is the Lord Payback sound?
Aggressive and braggadocios.

How would you describe the type of beats that best suits you as an artist?
I like beats with a quick least 100. I tend to like the hard sounding beats but I am versatile so if I am in a particular mood I can like almost anything.

What producers are you working with right now?
I am currently working on mixtapes so I am using industry beats. However, I am always on the look out for talented producers who know how to handle their business. Send tracks to

What plans do you have for the rest of 2017?
Grind Grind Grind....God lays out the plan for me as I need to know it.

Where can you be reached for booking or general inquiries?  
Check out my website for all information. To Hit me up directly email me at

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