[Single] Benny Hunnit - GODDAMN @BennyHunnit

[Single] Benny Hunnit - GODDAMN

When it come to this mixtape you can tell it's a lot of thought behind the tracklist. Growing up in a small town in Hyde county, Benny Hunnit wasn't exposed to state of the art studios or big time executive producers to help push his music. So naturally his music began as a hobby and slowly converted into a career. Listening to the lyrics on his upcoming mixtape Trap Decisions you can tell that Benny is referring to real life situations that he has experienced on his way to the top. Growing up Benny didn't have any positive role models it was either slanging dope, playing ball, or trying to make it out the country with your music. On his mixtape he references broken homes, bastard children, and chances of waking up on a random morning finding your mother n the crack house. As Benny grew older he had opportunities to push himself and pay for his own studio time. That also motivated him to push his music the right way. His ultimate goal, putting his entire hood on.

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