Rostrum Records New Signee Lambo Anlo Premieres "On My Way" Video With Hiphopdx

Hiphopdx Premiere
Introducing The Newest Rostrum Records Family Member
With all eyes on the Washington D.C. metro area’s budding music scene, rising artist Lambo sees his big break just over the horizon. The 24-year old wordsmith was born in 1992 and raised in neighboring Capitol Heights, Maryland; on the D.C. border. It was there that his mother and father, along with his older siblings, exposed him to a myriad of musical genres and sounds from numerous eras.

From his older brothers’ love for Tupac, Scarface and The Notorious B.I.G. to his parents emphatically playing early Motown acts like The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye, along with D.C.’s homegrown genre Go-Go, throughout the house, Lambo pulls from an extensive frame of reference when creating his music. For many, the challenge would be embodying these influences and the DMV’s soul without sounding dated or like a caricature of artists from previous eras. No easy feat. And yet, Lambo manages to do so seamlessly due to his natural penchant for lyricism and melody; which is exemplified by his new single “On May Way.”

Rostrum Records has an undeniable ear for talent.  After all, they introduced us to Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller (among others) and now they are back with an artist that is poised for similar success.

There are some songs that are just so catchy that you can’t fight them.  They manage to make everyone’s head nod.  The best of them have you singling along before you stop listening.  The new video for “On My Way,” which was premiered today by Hiphopdx continues to illustrate that. While Lambo is stuck at the day J-O-B passing time, his crew teases him from the block party he is unable to get too until he clocks out.  One thing’s for certain though, once he punches out, Lambo is “On His Way” and sometimes getting there is half the fun: especially when its a beautiful summer day, you have a car full of females, a full tank of gas and the aux chord.

Like life, music is about balance. With the omnipresence of the internet, quick, microwaveable product has supplanted songs of substance. Fortunately, the proverbial cream always rises to the top, making the game look rather appetizing for Lambo; no question this rising star is on his way!
(Video Directed by Adebayo Umoja, Cool Kids Forever Production)

Checkout the Hiphopdx Premiere: here
Purchase Lambo Anlo’s “On My Way” at your favorite digital retailer: here

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