Iamfame - Lola feat. Petey Pablo

Iamfame pronounced I Am Fame is a Multi dimensional Artist. He writes, produces, performs all original work as well he is a incredible lyricist and story teller. Originally from Riegelwood North Carolina he now lives in Sacramento California representing as he calls it Two States at the same damn time. Iamfame has been writing for other artist for years and is now preparing for his step into the line light. Reaching back to his Carolina Roots Iamfame teams up with the Ambassador of the Carolina's Multi platinum artist and song writer Petey Pablo to bring to life his new hit record to the worlds ear titled Lola which to him means (Family). With the services and co sign of Petey Pablo Iamfame is now bringing his Riegelwood home town to the home front and giving the world his side of the story. Produced Awaz Beats, Lola is a harmonic catchy but cleverly put together song that has a powerful bouncy to it with a clear and aggressive flow. As he opens up the first bars saying (in the lobby ritz Carlson man oh man what a feeling,, took a long time to get here cause they ain't want us in the building,, they ain't want us causing problems had us signing disclaimers,, twelve deep dressed in all white I guess we really had them nervous) Iamfame dives right in to how the industry has been with him and how he has lost more than he has gained thus far. He does not shy away from the conversation of fake friends loved ones and all that he has lost he embraces the stage and platform to address those things. Please enjoy Hip hops newest sensation Iamfame and his hit record featuring Petey Pablo , Lola .

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