Who In The World Is K. Rozay |

Who In The World Is K. Rozay

Who In The World Is K. Rozay

The trending Atlanta fashion industry has a fresh face on the scene by the name of K. Rozay who has joined the Eyelash Vizion roster.  The fashion model socialite has ripped the runway for notable designers in New York and Atlanta creating a buzz about his swag and sex appeal.
While the supermodels you see in major magazines and walking the runways for top clients generally work in every market, there are many successful models who only work in one or two markets.  So, even though they may not get represented by an agency in New York or Paris, they could very well be perfect for Tokyo, Singapore, and other Asian markets.  K. Rozay fits the bill for several markets.
Becoming a professional model is a process. It rarely happens overnight and K. Rozay worked his way to a status of demand. Becoming a professional model takes time. Many of today’s top models didn’t get signed to an agency the first time out of the gate. K. Rozay used his time wisely to work diligently toward building a brand that people will remember but moreover appreciate.
Although it’s not a requirement for all jobs, modeling school can give you an edge against your competition by teaching you the ins and outs of on-set expectations, so you put your best foot forward from day one and it did not take long for K.Rozay to figure that out. The brown skin flash white smile gentleman has a strategic plan and it’s working.
  1. Rozayis on call at all times to enhance and grow his talents in his modeling career and by being that dedicated he’s becoming more booked and busy. The baby face and tight Physique is landing him everywhere he needs to be.

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