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Born in 1989 October 11, the Cleveland native, Donte’ Wallace was introduce to the hip hop world in his early years at the age 10. With influences by his older brother Donald Wallace also known as N.O.M.A.D. Tae acquire his with sounds and hunger for the hip hop game from his brother influences. Tae Wall’s older brother have played major role in his career right along with other artist like Lil Wayne, Bone, TI, Currency, Luda Chris, Cash Money just to name a few.

Tae Wall started off with just writing verses for mixtapes in the beginning. Then Tae Wall acquired a taste for writing more and making beats. Learning how to develop and make beats more efficiently gave him the push to actually make songs. This helped give his mixtapes that album sound with his own original production. Tae Wall hunger for the music grew until he took that with him to high school where it was release and the world was introduced to lyrical monster.

In Maple Heights High School he had met several a friend who name is Aree G and Mac Spitt where they formed group the Cleveland Trend Setters also know as CTS. The group was known around the school for having some top-notch rappers. They had a few member changes but Tae Wall and Mac Spitt have always stayed loyal. Growing with the group and making the music grow also. Tae Wall graduated in 08 the group prospered under the management of N.O.M.A.D they have done shows from their first show at Scripts night club and Peabody’s in downtown Cleveland, to Detroit, Atlanta, and New York.

Tae Wall have plenty experience in performing and creating songs from scratch. He is an all around artist ready for the long haul. Being a rapper/producer/entertainer he is a triple threat. Tae Wall can bring good sounds and music with that cleveland style of rapping what Bone Thugs planted as a seed for the young great artist out of Cleveland. Tae Wall has several projects out to this date a few mixtapes (The Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street 2 Jacking for Beats) and some on the way. He has is one Lp album self title Tae Wall and dozen of videos. More to come for the Cleveland Ohio aspirsing artist

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