Taiyamo Denku - "B-Boy Stance" (prod by MurderFace) @TaiyamoDenku

The heavy Bass and drums make you want to cross you arms and nod your head ... Hence the title "B-Boy Stance" This is the lead single off Hecatomb & CyphaDen Milwaukee Emcee Taiyamo Denku and Hecatomb producer Murderface's EP entitled "Peep The Steez" due out later this year. Denku starts off the track basically seeing a self image of himself in the crowd of a show and telling us thru lyrics how the interaction goes. This transitions to a lyrics heavy 2nd verse that Denku Delivers. Murderface molds this beat perform for this B-Boy Steez, The hook could have been sampled but It is just Denku" Saying "I'm a B-Boy Chilling in My B-Boy stance" and altered to make it sound like a dope sampled hook. This certainly sets the tone for the rest of the album that I hope you are all looking forward to.

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