New Video: Gucci Mane and Runway Richy - SWITCHIN SIDES

Southern rapper Runway Richy partners with HipHopDX to premiere his brand new “Switchin Sides” short film featuring Gucci Mane. Directed by Philly Fly Boy, the action packed visual stars Runway Richy as he deals with some shifty characters and calls upon Gucci Mane for some guidance. The gritty Saucelord Rich of duo FKi produced hit will be included in Runway Richy’s forthcoming album China Cafeteria 2.5: House Special releasing independently via CKP Records out now.
“This was one of those crazy ass weeks that I had to really hustle but it was all worth it in the end,” says Runway Richy. “I was in Texas to perform at SXSW when on Tuesday, Gucci hits me up and says we have to shoot the video this Friday! So I call Philly Fly Boy and he hooked me up with a treatment in just a few hours. Then on Thursday night, I headlined a show and rushed back to ATL for the Switchin Sides video. We shot all day on Friday then I had to fly right back to Austin for the rest of my SXSW shows. It was crazy hectic but Gucci was cool as hell on set and of course we talked about everything Decatur related. lol I was just stoked that he really loved the record.”

He adds, “The song came together very organically!!! Saucelord Rich and Matt were cooking up the beat and I was just sitting there free styling the record in my head. They had no idea what I was doing! When they finished, I was like "I'm ready!” I caught them so off guard, Sauce just opened up the session in ProTools and Switchin Sides was born. The song isn’t really about a certain person or event... it just came out.”

This summer, Richy will hit the road with B.o.B. for his nationwide Elements Tour which kicks on June 8th with stops in New York, Dallas, Atlanta and more. Full list of tour dates here.

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