Aaron Odum Takes Flight (Literally) On New Video "Focused" (@AaronOdumMusic)

AO brings it to another level on his new video "Focused". Literally another level, as he pilots a plane while combining various styles of hip hop - expert lyricism and fresh production to create a sound that is pleasant to hear yet relevant. This is that motivational music for hustlers new and old.

AO isn't just pushing boundaries... he's soaring above them. Get familiar:

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Born in Massachusetts and native of Marlboro MA, A.O. is the long awaited “breath of fresh air” the soul of hip hop has needed for its revival! The initials A.O. represent his real name; Aaron Odum. He firmly believes that a true artist is a portrayal of oneself, therefore he goes by his family known nickname King A.O.

His obsession for lyrical precision and creativity comes from his extensive knowledge of old school Hip-hop artists like Nas, Talib Qweli, Mos Def, Common, Eminem, AZ, Cannibus & Busta Rhymes. He makes it a point to study his peers that challenge him lyrically, like J. Cole, Drake & Lupe, particularly on his predilection of music with purpose in an industry of sellouts and gimmicks. A.O. started writing lyrics in the 2nd grade and has mastered the art and developed a technique that shows versatility and sophisticated content. These attributes are key to universal acceptance of the HipHop genre.

His mission is to make HipHop a global icon of positive motivation instead of a genre infused with negative connotations. HipHop heavily influences our younger generation and should be used to convey positive messages that can give solace in time of depression and need. True artists should never have to pose as someone they aren’t, just for record sales or material gains. Music is meant to uplift and give a message for the betterment of the world as a whole.

Up until now A.O. has written, recorded and mixed all of his mixtapes starting from “The 1st Chapter” to “Secrets In Plain Cite”. A.O. has progressed in quantum leaps, not only as a lyricist but as song writer. Upon listening to just a verse from this talented young artist, you will observe that he has developed complex guidelines and structure to his content and delivery. A.O.'s full capacity has yet to be reached and is a virtual time bomb waiting for the perfect second to be unleashed.

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