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Are We The New Robots? 
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Take a minute to think about how much of our world is digital these days(let me preface this post by saying i am a thinker, all i do is think and think so my head is full of ideas and questions). We can date,buy groceries,clothes,shoes,games,homes,sex,cars etc etc etc online without even speaking to another human being. We even have digital devices that will answer questions others humans once did. Are we so far gone that we don't want or have gotten used to the convenience of "no muss no fuss/quick,fast & hurry" digital world ? Granted these days we are super busy as a matter of fact most families don't even have the time to sit down and eat with each other like the families of yester year. Everyone is on the go "chasing that bag" but has chasing that bag made us lose ourselves. When does the pursuit of success go to far or does it? Are we too impatient? Does fast always mean best? 

Kids,what about kids. When i was a kid we would be outside all day & night (well when i wasn't on punishment) climbing trees, collecting bugs (yeah i was a tomboy lol), swimming, climbing on the roof, playing hood games like: ding dong dixie,wall ball,curb ball and other games we created. What are the kids doing today? How often do we see kids actually outside playing? Most of the kids are playing video games,watching television, playing with expensive gadgets, playing on their cell phones or computers. The television and technology is literally raising our children. Let me clarify before i get the hating buzzing yes, in the past we had television and video games but studies have shown the contrast between then and now and how much time has changed in relation to children and outdoor activity. Kids today are growing up even faster and perhaps not in a good way. Our children are growing way to fast and perhaps not in a good way.
Sociology, let's look at the social climate right now in our society. People would rather record domestic violence, police brutality, rape,murder etc rather than do something about it. People will do anything (and i mean anything) to go viral. Hence the famous words "world star". Do people even care anymore? People are dying everyday, especially P.O.C. (people of color) & there's seemingly no repercussion or uproar of any kind. Schools are closing, taboo's have become socially acceptable, we are living in a very "new world". Do you know your neighbor? How often do you say hello to people you see when you happen to leave the comfort of your home?

Final Thoughts are we headed for a crash? What is this "new world" trying to usher in? What's next for us? I'm not quite sure whats next but if we dont start feeling,caring again the universe only knows what is down the line for mankind. This topic came to my mind when i heard Amazon (which by the way i love ) is buying "Whole foods". Now initially one would think great i can buy online, no lines, no need to leave the house etc . Think a little deeper about what this symbolizes less jobs, less interaction and if this take over works what other major corporations will follow suit ? By the time its all said and done people won't hardly ever have to interact with each other. Half the fun of this wild ride we call life is our experiences, the people we meet and this beautiful nature we've been blessed with. Simply put dont get so busy and wrapped up in all these gadgets and techie stuff that you forget to take time to say hello to your neighbor & a moment out of your busy day to stop & smell the roses.

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