New Video: Justin Clancy - The Bottom Line (@Justin_Clancy)

In a culture of molly, percocets and lean, Justin Clancy has been there - done that - lost it all - and came back with a story of triumph and living a life of recovery.

Justin Clancy started doing drugs at 12 years old struggled with substance abuse all through his teenage years. He got sober a month after he turned 19. Will have 4 years sober in December.

His mission on this breakthrough video "Bottom Line" (by Project 2 Studios, who does the breakthrough videos for Joyner Lucas, Token, and Chris Webby) is to bring awareness and help others struggling gain mental strength. The track was produced by Nox Beats. This is the follow up release of "TV dinner", that garnished thousands of streams and over 160k Facebook views.

Beyond the music - Justin spends each day of his life helping recovering addicts find beds for "Banyan Treatment Center" in recovery houses - and owns non profit organization "New England Addiction Outreach". He also attends 12 step meetings regularly. He recently performed alongside slaine for a "recovery rally" charity event in Boston that raised over $175,000 towards helping addicts get into treatment.

Twitter : @justin_clancy
Ig: justin_clancy
Facebook: @justinclancyofficial
Snapchat: justinclancy

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