[News]- SKE Records DJ A-Yo stays on his grind @Dj_A_Yo

DJ A-Yo hit the US again. The SKE Records record label rep and DJ will be traveled to the US in April 2017, where he visited Philadelphia and New York in order to gather with the rest of the label team members and discuss the company’s future among others with ‘Q The Question’, the company’s co-director.

‘Q The Question’, besides being A-Yo’s manager in the American domain, holds a great relationship with the DJ before SKE Records’ foundation, thanks to their great love for music. They both possess an extreme spirit of struggle in order to succeed and reach higher grounds together in this complex industry on a daily basis.
With over 20 years of experience on his shoulders, DJ A-Yo is a regular DJ at Hip Hop and R&B parties in the Canary Islands. Moreover, he has played in various clubs in Spain, such as the best Hip Hop and R&B clubs in Ibiza, island famously known for its parties, where his sessions have had great acceptance from the crowd and clubs themselves.
We hope that in the states he will indulge us once again at some of our clubs with his mixes and his music, as he has done in the past.

Apart from his parties and events, A-Yo is working on a new project this year being involved at a radio station called Calimbre (calimbre.com) and its new radio show “Fresh&Flow” where we can enjoy a wide range of music within the Hip Hop and R&B genre, as well as interviews, guests, information about events and parties, interesting facts, etc.

You can enjoy some of his career highlights as a DJ with the promo video he shares on his numerous parties below. The video has been produced by LovinHills Filmmaker.

Facebook: /deejayAYOfficial
Fan Page: /djayo.ske
Twitter: Dj_A_Yo

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