New Heat 🔥🔥 "Ballers Ave” Gee Kazz & Young Moses @GeeKazz @thatyoung_moses @brightlifemedia #BallersAve #Brighlifemedia #FutureStars

 "Ballers Ave”

 Gee Kazz & Young Moses

#BallersAve #Brighlifemusic #FutureStars

"Ballers Ave” has a very catchy mid tempo lucid sound by Gee Kazz & Young Moses with a top 40 hip-hop and pop mix . The music production arrangement by "Rance 1500 or Notting "Multi Platinum Grammy Award Winner, compliments the crafty rap lyric. The vocal deliveries are laid extremely well by "Gee Kazz", a Nigerian Mix native Artist bringing the international flair to America . there’s a high level of cracko and a witty rap style from "Young Moses" a California Native artist rapping since the 9th Grade with west coast influence. The verse to chorus transition is solid, the chorus brings the record together in full. The recording is up to music industry standards. Mix by 'Caserta' and Master by "John Benjamin" I call him the music doc .Gee kazz & Young Moses are very talented rap artists and songwriters. •. Keep up the great sound! This duo is going places! The Executive Producer and music Supervisor Bright " L A Bright" Enabulele. made a great choice overall . "A Hit Record is about song and sound selection" said L A Bright.

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Ballers Ave by Gee Kazz & Young Moses 
-Brightlife Music  Team

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