(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Sertified Talks Music With Ceez World |

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Sertified Talks Music With Ceez World

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Artist Sertified Talks Music With Ceez World

1. How long have you been doing music?

I've been involved with my music my entire life. 

2. What do you feel you bring different to the music industry?

Individuality, these days more people are mimicking instead of creating something of their own.  I'm bring a vivacious approach to a rap game that lacks substance and content. Distinct voice and style to match it along with a variety of topics. For us.

3. You just dropped a video for "1 Wish." How long did it take to shoot the video and where did you shoot it at? 

We shot the video in California & the shoot only took one day thanks to the homie Muds out in East LA. We got to travel Los Angeles a little bit & eat some good food while at it too.

4. What is the concept behind the record and the video?
This record in particular is wishing for the best under any any circumstances, keeping A positive mind frame is where the concept stems from. One of my favorite phrases in the song "think about your kids and everything that they see/ innocent minds turned to land mines, better watch yo step" was targeting our frame of mind before influencing on our seed further most.

5. How did you come up with you rap name Sertified? 

I wanted something that would stand away from anything else that wasn't what I was doing. Really brought the name to life when Twitter first jumped off.

6. When are you looking to tour?

We're looking to hit the west coast as early as may/June this year. We are looking for the hottest promoters & potential sponsors so if you're looking to build let's link!

7. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years? 

Lord willing Im alive in 5 but I see expansion, maybe get a collective of artist together for the vision & really structure out a body work with live musicians. Definitely more touring, traveling and more movements for the culture. I'd really love to get tied into the festival circuit around the world.

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