[Music]- JUST DO IT BRISK "FLASHIN" @justdoitbrisk

JUST DO IT BRISK isn't new to the industry he's been around longer than some of us.

As a young kid he watched his father Jay Ski (of 69 Boyz, Chill Deal, Quad City DJs and 95 South)with songs like "Whoot There It Is" become a star. At the age of 11 Just Do It Brisk, began hanging in studios, watching videos and seeing moves by people like Michael Jackson, and producers like Timbaland and Pharrell, and of course the 69 Boyz. He Is very artistic, larger than life and shyly mysterious.

JUST DO IT BRISK says "(John John) was the name I started with, but as I got older of course we had to change that so we went from Brisky to JUST DO IT BRISK".

He raps, he Sings but also is an excellent Producer. I'm a perfectionist but as a student of the art I understand music and can make music outside the box. It's only insanity until it works.

He's had several songs but his first NATIONAL single is titled

FLASHIN: "a single that's the wave of hip hop music the younger people are listening to now, sorta on the Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug club style". FLASHIN is recieving great responses from the Djs and radio. I don't wanna come out urban/pop and shock the people just yet, but I can do it. "I JUST DO IT BRISK"

YOU CAN FOLLOW JUST DO IT BRISK everywhere @justdoitbrisk

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