Music Choice Video Exclusive Mack Wilds on Balancing Acting and Music + Working With Method Man (Video)

Mack Wilds Talks Balancing Acting and Music Career

“There’s a very, very famous quote that goes around to everyone – and everybody says it and uses it, but I feel like people use it in the wrong term sometimes. "You make time for what you want to make time for", or "you make time for what you love.” and I love what I do. 200%. And I feel like, as of right now, I’m at an age where I can afford to be a little selfish with my time. I definitely make sure that I see my family, and everything, and you know, me and my boys, we take a little bit of time out to go have fun and everything, but I’m very much invested in my work. 200%. Always."

Mack Wilds on Working With Method Man on “The Breaks”

“It’s so funny like seeing now Meth play as my dad. Especially growing up around him and knowing how he is. Literally him being probably more of the crazy uncle rather than the father. And to see him play that out, and everything that he’s doing, and again he knows my family and everything, so it’s very weird and it’s amazing at the same time. It’s very much full circle. These guys were gods to us growing up in Stapleton and Park Hill. Like, these guys made it out of these neighborhoods and became world legends so it’s very much a full circle moment for me."

Mack Wilds at Music Choice Studios April 05, 2017
Photo: ©Music Choice/Juan Navarro
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