Jayryde & Lil Sleep Da King - "Aye" (@jayrydemusic @lilsleepdaking)

After unleashing the money getting ode "Commas Out The Bando", Missouri artists Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King debut the sophomore single, "Aye", along with an accompanying video. As expected, the street team deliver braggadocios raps over a intense, sub woofer heavy instrumental. 

The video begins with Lil Sleep arriving at the rendezvous spot in what appears to be a typical neighborhood. As he exits the vehicle however, we quickly see him tucking his tool on the way to the door. That's when the curtain gets pulled back and we get an inside look into the trap house.

Jayryde uses $100 bill to light up and Sleep can be found in dimly, red light room with a couple women wrestling on the bed. This particular scene is where we can catch Da King starting the track off. For Jayryde's performance, the lens heads from the bedroom to the kitchen where J has a femme fatale working the stove and bagging up weight. In the chorus, the speak lines like "you do this once a month, we do this everyday".

Surely to get the trap and club jumping, check out "Aye" from of Jayryde and Lil Sleep's upcoming mixtape, "High Definition 2".

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