Hip Hop Legend DMX Teams Up With Dubstep/Trap Duo BLACKBURNER On The New Album DOG EATS RABBIT!

dmx vs-blackburner-v2 med res

DMX, has always been an artist who marches to the beat of his own drum machine. A brilliant emcee with one of the fiercest flows in rap history and a truly fearless, break-all-the-rules personality, DMX has earned his reputation as one of the biggest and baddest dogs in the game. And now this hip hop legend is venturing into new musical territories joining forces with the bionic bunnies of bass, electronic duo Blackburner, for 21 brand new tracks full of head bobbing beats, devastating drops, and viciously spit lyrics! Of course, Blackburner have also earned significant cred, steadily building their electro empire with a total of 4 studio albums including the blockbuster 2012 debut, which earned the band millions of streams and a tour with industrial legends Ministry. Together these two artists, fused together as Blackburner vs. DMX, create one of the wildest, most hotly anticipated releases of 2017! Dog Eats Rabbit will be available on both CD and digital download starting April 7 via Hypnotic Records, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.!

Track List:

1. We Gonna Tear Shit Up
2. Shut Em Down
3. Game
4. How We Roll
5. Dog Fight
6. Let It Go
7. SIN
8. Dog Madness
9. Get Back On My Feet
10. Dog Eats Rabbit
11. The Fight
12. Motherfuckas Want
13. Chains In Your Brain
14. Fuck With (RR Anthem)
15. Assassins
16. Hurting
17. Something Going’ Tonight
18. WTF Bitch
19. Don’t Get It Twisted
20. Preach
21. Meet Me Outside

Buy the CD: here

Buy the digital: here

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