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Following your dreams comes with a price. It tests the loyalty of friends, and breaks you down mentally and emotionally. Being able to see the lesson in every hardship is essential to growth and TruthCity's 'While You Were Sleeping' is the embodiment of that ideal. The once homeless emcee tells a tale of struggle and triumph and gives his audience the strength they need to keep going.

“I started shaping this album piece by piece in the summer of 2016. I intended for it to be a departure from my bright, jazzy boom bap hiphop style. I was tired of being confined to rapping. I wanted to showcase my songwriting and test my vocal skills. This was also around the time I had quit my job and I was sleeping on a friend's couch. My phone had gotten turned off and I was living dime to dime scratching to eat every day borrowing money from friends. I was also doing shows almost every other week performing songs like "The Family" and "Get Rich." Through it all I got the blessing of having studio equipment provided to me to finish this project. So I had to become an audio engineer in a month and not having money on a day to day was eating away at my spirit.” -TruthCity

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