R-MEAN Drops "Deeper Than Rap" Feat. Kxng Crooked aka Crooked I


Armenian Rapper Releases The 9th Capsule of 52 For #MeanMondays

If you missed the Revolt TV premiere of the Doomsday Cypher hosted by Sway Calloway then you missed Armenian RapLord, R-Mean killing the mic with lyrics like "F*ck a Xanax I'll give you bars without a prescription," ripped right out of his very own pharmaceutical history book. Now well into 9 weeks of 52 weeks of music, R-Mean continues to unleash non-stop lyrical bracing bars.  This week's 'Mean Mondays' song features the West Coast Slaughterhouse fuel, Kxng Crooked aka Crooked I on 'Deeper Than Rap' produced by Pharomazan.

In 2015 the two collaborated on a monstrous track 'Jurassic Park,'  today marks the return of their bar-for-bars, R-Mean kicks it off with - "Rappers aint got bars no more but got the coldest memes/ I stab u with the shattered pieces of my broken dreams/ I dont think when I'm spittin I squeeze the pen and my soul just bleeds - it bleeds within / U slipped up/ I heard u made them big bucks/ But went and blew the profits - like John, Peter, and Judas gettin their dick sucked/ The blood of Jesus what I spew on mics." Kxng Crooked cracks off with - "Me and my team ball nigga, no salary cap /

I'm so charged up the hood calls me battery back/ You know Crooked cause a tragedy with the ratchet he pack/ all that yackety-yack get half your anatomy cracked."



Praise Worthy Mention:

"R-Mean has never let me down with a verse" - Sway Calloway

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