New Video: Austin Blanco (@austinblanco_) - Do It For You

Austin Blanco wrote "Do It For You" after chasing a girl who only ever came around when she needed him. We know most guys have been in that situation before and a lot of females probably have too. This song is supposed to capture that idea of trying to convince the person how you feel, but also at the same time trying to fight your urges and forget about her or him. Enjoy

Austin Blanco is a 19 year old rapper/songwriter from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Being raised in a suburban town always made it hard for Austin to gain credibility among his peers, but that pushed him to make sure he only made music relevant to him so he could never be labeled as a fraud or a "studio rapper." He recorded his first song during his freshman year of high school, and dropped two mix tapes in those 4 years. Now living in Boston and working on two projects at once, his 3rd mixtape "Yung Amish" and a love song EP called "finnaBAE," Austin's looking to get his name in the New England circuit for 2017.


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