New Music: Dj Stude - Sex Drugs & Dj Stude | @DjStude

New Music: Dj Stude - Sex Drugs & Dj Stude

New Music: Dj Stude - Sex Drugs & Dj Stude

Meet Dj Stude, producer/artist from Phoenix, Arizona. Who is Stude? And why is this white dude from the suburbs making funny soul grooves? Who does this guy really think he is? Well, love it or hate it, he seems to have found a nice niche for himself. How exactly, well thats probably a better question for an interview, but over the last few years he's transitioned out of the hip hop producer lane into the artist/songrwriter lane. 

Of late he's most notably known as a Tour Dj, radio personality, entrepreneur, musician, and all around connoisseur of the FUNK all across the country. However, after listening to this new album which features the likes of ( Lisa Fine, Sincerely Collins, Hannibal Leq, & more ) it looks like he has bright future as producer and songwriter. 

You can find him on the WED & FRI nights on Radiosupa (#5 internet radio station in the country) breaking new music and curating cool vibes worldwide. If you're into organic music with soul, melody, and passion, you're going to enjoy his solo debut 'Sex Drugs & Dj Stude'. We can't wait to hear what he has in store next for him and his team in Phoenix.

New project 'Sex Drugs & Dj Stude' is available everywhere worldwide. Go BUY it on iTunes TODAY!

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