(New Exclusive Interview) Fre' DeSoul Talks Music With Ceez World Along With New Video | @Freddyywolf

(New Exclusive Interview) Fre' DeSoul Talks Music With Ceez World Along With New Video

(New Exclusive Interview) Fre' DeSoul Talks Music With Ceez World Along With New Video

1. Fre' DeSoul, how long have you been doing music?

I have been doing music since middle school but I started really taking it serious for the last two years , I started recording professional mixed and mastered songs with some engineers that have experienced the industry before. 

2. Fre' DeSoul, how old were you when you created your first full song?

Man, it's crazy my first full song I created was recorded on my phone  on this app in a car and I mixed and mastered it myself looking at YouTube videos, I sent it to my best friend he was going crazy, he used to text me saying that it was so dope and that it's on his playlist of workout songs. 

3. Fre' DeSoul, about how long does it take you to record a song from start to finish?

It literally can take me from 30 minutes to three or four hours, It all depends on the song, I used to prefer memorizing my songs to make it a faster process,my audio engineer says I'm quick I like getting in and getting out but I do like getting involved in the mixing process to get my vocals right and get the song at the level in which I want it .

4. Fre' DeSoul, what do you feel you bring different to the music industry?

I feel like I bring a crazy mix of deep lyrics with some mainstream songs and love feel melodies, a lot of people can rap only a few can make songs, I can bring anything to the table from straight bars to love songs and life stories. Some of the Greats like Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar all have radio hits with a solid fan base because they  also keep the hip hop vibe going thought out their lyrics.

5. Fre' DeSoul, you just dropped a video for "Go." Where was this video shot at and how long did it take you guys to shoot it?

This video was shot in Orlando, Fl Winter Park area and it took us about a week to shoot it ,before that week it took us four days to scout for the places. When I say we were drained from looking at all the spots it's not an exaggeration, you would be surprised the hard work that goes into just three to four minutes of footage.

6. Fre' DeSoul, what is the concept behind this video?

The concept is really to get into my everyday life a little, playing basketball, checking out the beautiful spots and to enjoy life , and always keep going no matter how hard it gets you always gotta go on. 

7. Fre' DeSoul, where do you see your bring and career in the next 5 years?

I see myself in the industry with a name for myself performing in big stages with a good net worth, I have the skills to show for it and I do believe I'm going to big places with extraordinary work ethic I should be able to get to where I'm headed.  

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