G4 Boyz Drops “The African Plug” Mixtape



G4 Boyz release their mixtape “The African Plug” featuring social influencer Joanne The Scammer, rappers Rich The Kid, OG Maco, Blade Brown, and Pablo Skywalkin .

G4 Boyz is ready to show the world the new music they have been actively working on in the studio for the past few months. Coming from the streets and diving into the music realm with no record label, they have worked hard to build personal relationships with people in the industry that they have been blessed to work with in this upcoming mixtape.

With the album being heavily influenced with the day and life of the streets, G4 Boyz chose to discuss everything that goes on in the streets throughout the mixtape. Their ultimate goal with this mixtape is for people to understand what it means to have a real plug in the streets of specific communities like the one they grew up in.

What they call their claim to fame with the new hit single “Toma Remix” has already done significant numbers since its initial release last week with a over 100,000+ views on Youtube alongside of the premiere with Hip Hop DX. In addition to the success of the video, the audio version recently reached over 152,000+ listens on their SoundCloud. With a preview of the mixtape from this single, the overall album is expected to satisfy their fans whom have long-awaited for the release.

To spice things up for this mixtape, G4 Boyz decided to collaborate with social media sensation, Joanne the Scammer, for the ultimate scam interlude. Bringing the trio together brings a uniquely different, yet scandalous moment giving Joanne her own spotlight. Branden Miller, also known as Joanne the Scammer, says in the interlude, “I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind / Like a African scammer, a Nigerian scammer / Who better to pick up a heist with than a baller, shot caller / I'm looking for a man / Maybe even one of the G4 Boyz.” Buggy and Ice Baby felt bringing Joanne onto the tape as a comical interlude would be something different that no one has done yet.

Aside from having respect in the hood all while living a luxurious lifestyle, both brothers take pride in their Nigerian culture and is why they chose to call the mixtape, “The African Plug”. This tape will give a direct meaning to clear up the air on recurring stereotypes about Africans, show a real representation to the “plug”, and several priceless collaborations that will set aside the G4 Boyz in the music industry.

“Working with people like OG Maco brings a spotlight that is much needed not only for our individual careers, but for the people of our African culture in general,” says Buggy member of the G4 Boyz. “I see people generalize Africans all the time on social media. I just want to shed light to the uneducated and help them understand through my music that we as a culture, are not all the same.”

On the other hand, Ice Baby wants to provide a deeper meaning and understanding of what occurs in the streets.

“People automatically think that a plug is a drug transaction when it's not,” says Ice Baby member of G4 Boyz. “There are dozens of hustles in the hood for people and many who are trying to provide for their entire household.”

Having a combination of two different styles, they are excited to finally be able to share the completed project. With hopes of higher success from their creative vision as a dynamic dual for this tape, they remain hungry for what's next to come in their musical careers.

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