SKINNY NEMS 50 Track Mixtape available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, etc... here

Nems sparks the song "Light One" with a telling line, "If I still smoked, I'd light one up now, cuz honestly, I ain't really write in a while". Quiet as kept he has built a successful brand via social media, traveled internationally and touched the people locally by selling his line of merchandise hand to hand. Nems has spent the last year making himself more well known on broader platforms while remaining locally respected in NYC.

Light One sets the tone for his current compilation project, "I'm out here getting fat looking lovely, I don't smoke but you can light one up for me". Within 50 tracks of previously released work fans live vicariously through thick and thin. "Skinny Nems" is an anthology of anthems. Vulgar, vulnerable, + very versatile.

This is a refreshed version of your favorite scumbag's best work to date. We witness Nems grow from adolescence to adulthood + experience his triumphs, trials, and tribulations. We are reminded why Nems remains relevant by listening to all of his old shit.

Nems is active. 2017 holds a host of projects to be delivered. Anticipation is high, and the results will be sobering. "Shoot Out at the Cyclone" partnered with Ill Bill of Non Phixion + La Coka Nostra fame, "Gorilla Monsoon" with Brooklyn based producer Frank Sasoon, and the solo LP "Alpha" are all slated for release this year.

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