D-Hud (Exclusive Interview)

Take a look at our one on one exclusive interview with rising indie hip hop recording artist D-Hud here.  Learn all about his past, present and even plans for the future!  

What's up D-Hud, are you ready for this interview?
D-Hud:  Yes

How would you describe yourself as an artist?  What type of flavor are you coming with?           
D-Hud:  I consider myself a laid back and chill artist who have a lot of energy on stage. I’m coming with an old school and new school flavor mixed all together in one package. I have a unique style, sound for my music, and the way I carry myself is different from most artists.

What inspired you to start rapping and eventually pursue a career in music?
D-Hud:  Tupac inspired me to start rapping. I read his poetry as a young child. I love writing and once I wrote my 1st song I never looked back. Music became my heart beat from the day I wrote my 1st song.

Who are some of the artists that influenced you?
D-Hud:  Some of the Artists that have influenced me are Tupac, T.I., Eminem, Snoop Dog, Lil John, Future, Zero, OutKast, and my mentor Scoop Midas 24kg of Southern Empire an underground artist from LaGrange Ga.

Who have you worked with so far, and who would you like to work with in the future?
D-Hud:  I’ve worked with Malk Naz, Grim Musik, Clutch The Evolution, Doss Weaver, Ton Da Don, Bai Jr, and Troopa 3x in my younger days. I would love to work with T.I., Young Thug, Boosie, and Chris Brown.

You are also the CEO and founder of Owt 0f Order Entertainment... what projects can we expect from the company for 2017?  What artists do you have signed under you?
D-Hud:  I have one artist under the label at the time and his name is Kofezi. He is dropping his project K.A.M.F (Kool As Mutha Fucka) February 24th. I’ll be dropping a project May 31st. Through The eyes of the Phoenix.  I’ll be dropping my new single I’m Sick tomorrow on SoundCloud and on Reverbnation.

Speaking of 2017, what are some of your goals for this year?
D-Hud:  My goals for this year is to build a fan base from Virginia down to South Carolina. I also want to expand my brand and travel to do more shows. Also, I plan on pushing my music in order to get major exposer this year.

What has been 2 major highlights in your music career so far?
D-Hud:  This interview is one and the second would have to be having a great promotion team behind me finally.

What has been one major set back or downfall in your music career and how did you bounce back from it or learn from it?
D-Hud:  In 2014 I trusted someone to help me promote my music and connect me with different people in the music industry. He ran off to Florida with my music and didn’t hear from him for a long time. It hurt me but with hard work and dedication, I knew could bounce back and that’s what I did. Thanks to my producers Thrill Jackson and Gothembeats, I was able to rebuild and come back stronger.

Is there anything you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
D-Hud:  I have mixtape on Datpiff.com called D-Hud Unleashed.
I would like to shout out my wife DeVonna, The Late Gate Radio Station, My frat Brothers of Iota Phi Theta, 229TheBlock, CW Music, and my OWT 0F ORDER ENT family.

Listen to D-Hud's music on Reverbnation at this direct link

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