M.O.P. Joins Ran Reed on "Gun Boy Interlude"

M.O.P. Joins Ran Reed on Gun Boy Interlude

Whether he’s spraying bullets or stabbing his enemies in the brain with a No. 2 pencil, Paterson, N.J.’s Ran Reed delivers bar after bar of menacing raps on his latest leak, “Gun Boy Interlude.”

Rather than go at it alone, the rapper-producer joined forces with perhaps the only other rappers who could suit a track with a title like this: MOP. The duo of Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame bring their Brownsville-reppin’ bully raps out in full force on “Gun Boy Interlude,” though it’s Reed who maintains his stance as the mean-mugging host. That much is apparent when he threatens his enemies with an end so brutal they’ll have to be identified by their dental records.

And if the name isn’t familiar, you should peep his Soundcloud page immediately and get familiar. Or you can track down his compilation, Respect The Architect, which features music he recorded with producer Nick Wiz between ‘92 and ‘98. Either way, you’ll be hearing more from Reed in ‘16.

“Gun Boy Interlude” is now available for stream…hit that play button.

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